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What Does a Urologist Do On the First Visit?

What does a urologist do on the first visit? This is a common question among men. If your primary physician refers you to a urologist, they might suspect you have a problem involving your reproductive system or urinary tract. It is quite normal to feel anxious about your first...

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Possible Side Effects And Complications Of Penile Implants

The internal penile pump is usually a successful procedure. It is also safe and usually does not cause any problems. However, there are some side effects that you will need to take note of. Dr. Lazare is a highly experienced urologist who has performed this procedure many times. He...

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When Should I See a Urologist?

Depending upon your age, it’s likely that you’ve never seen a urologist– or had reason to. Most people thing that urologists provide care for geriatric patients and don’t give it a second thought when they experience symptoms in which a urologist specializes. Partnering with a urologist can be a...

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