Consult with Us About Telemedicine

We now have an in-house lab and offer a variety of lab work and testing including COVID-19 testing. We are now your one-stop shop for your urology, lab-work, and COVID-19 testing!

  1. We perform RT – PCR (Reverse transcriptase – polyclonal chain reaction) test for
    Covid 19, Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV virus. This is the most accurate test
    for Covid 19 on the market. In addition to swabbing the patient, we run the test
    in our office – we have the analyzer that performs the test. We do not send the
    swab to the lab.
  2. There is a cheap rapid inaccurate Covid 19 Antigen test that uses saliva and is inferior to our test.
  3. We perform hormone tests and we perform PCR tests for sexually transmitted disease.
  4. We draw blood in the office. Patients no longer have to go to an outside lab for blood and urine tests. We collect all urine tests in our office.
  5. Patients hate to go the lab such as Quest and Labcorp. During pandemic, they often have to make appointments at these labs. Once they get to the lab, they often have to wait a long time before they are tested.
  6. We offer one stop shopping.