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Circumcision Recovery: What to Expect After the Procedure

Circumcision in men is carried out for medical and non-medical reasons. To some, it is an expression of their faith, while to others, it is a health necessity. Whichever the reason, circumcision has numerous benefits to an individual. This article mainly focuses on what happens after the procedure, including the expected time for a full recovery.

Circumcision procedure

The doctor will push the foreskin away from the head and trim it off to reveal the glans. There are two main types of circumcision. It may be either partial, where the doctor leaves a portion of the foreskin, or complete circumcision, where the doctor removes the entire foreskin.

However, the recovery procedure and timeline are almost the same. The process is done on an outpatient basis but with the full consent of the patient. Therefore, you will go home and recover from the comfort of your house. Here is the recovery process:

Circumcision recovery

Immediately after the operation, your penis will undoubtedly bruise and swell for the next few hours or days. The doctor will offer antibiotics to relieve discomfort during this period. You can also buy over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to alleviate discomfort.

Doctors also recommend that you apply an ice pack for a few minutes every two hours but not directly to your skin. There should be a thin fabric in between. You will also have a dressing covering the entire penis, including the surgery site. Ensure that this dressing is clean for the next few days to reduce the risks of infection. During this period, it will also help if you wear loose clothing that is comfortable for you.

The doctor will either ask you to return for a dressing change or instruct you about how and when to remove the bandage. Ensure you follow every instruction keenly. Other recommendations during recovery include:

  • Drinking plenty of fluids, especially water, to replace lost fluids and dilute the acidity of your urine. This will ease discomfort when urinating.
  • Have enough rest and avoid physical activity until you are fully healed
  • Avoid using antiseptic creams that may interfere with your healing. Only use what the doctor has provided.
  • Minimize chances of nocturnal erections by emptying the bladder frequently and lying on one side instead of the back.

Recovery timeline

You will achieve full recovery within two to three weeks after the surgery. However, you can resume work and minor activities within a week. Talk to the doctor to determine if you are fit because the period might be longer for some people. Avoid sex for four to six weeks. In case of complications, seek immediate attention.

Consult Lazare Urology

From the recovery procedure, it is clear that infant and adult circumcision is not complicated. Doctors will work to ensure you have the best possible experience. For more information about circumcision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Lazare, a Urologist in Brooklyn, New York, to know whether you are a candidate and male sexual health. Book an appointment online with Lazare Urology or call the offices at 718-568-7516.

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