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What Is the 3 Piece Penile Implant?

Lazare Urology, AMS 700 without InhibiZoneThe 3 piece penile implant is the Cadillac of penile implants.  It allows you to have an erection during sex and a soft, flaccid penis when you are not having sex. 

The device consists of two cylinders that are placed inside the penis, a reservoir, and a pump. All the components are located beneath the skin so that no one needs to know that you have an implant.

How Is the Penile Implant Performed?

Dr. Lazare starts by making a small two-inch incision in your scrotum.  He then places two cylinders in the penis, he places a pump in your scrotum, and finally, he places a reservoir behind your abdominal muscle called the rectus muscle.

The operation is performed in the hospital on an outpatient basis.  You will return home shortly after the procedure.  The operation is performed under general or spinal anesthesia and the operation lasts less than one and a half hours.

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What Makes the Penile Implant So Good?

Patient satisfaction with the implant is higher than any other type of ED treatment.  Patient satisfaction rates approach 95%.

The beauty of the 3 piece penile implant is that the penis is rigid when you want to have sex and it is soft when you are not engaged in sex.

Even better — sensation during sex with the implant is normal because the nerves to the penis are not touched.  Orgasm is normal.  Fertility is preserved; you can get your partner pregnant with the penile implant.  Having a penile implant is almost like having your own erection.

How Does the Penile Implant Work?

When you wish to have sex, you compress the pump in the scrotum.  Water is transferred from the reservoir into the cylinders and the penis becomes rigid. 

When you finish having sex, you squeeze the release button that is also in the scrotum.  Water then returns from the cylinders to the reservoir and the penis becomes soft.

Lazare Urology, Final_AMS700_6607, AMS 700What Effect Does the Implant Have Upon Penile Size?

In most cases, the penis is the same size after surgery.  But in some cases, you can lose a half-centimeter in length.  To preserve penile length, it is important to select an experienced implant surgeon such as Dr. Lazare. 

An experienced surgeon knows how to insert the largest possible implant that the penis can accommodate.

Who Is An Appropriate Candidate For the 3 Piece Penile Implant?

The 3 piece penile implant is appropriate for men with severe ED who have failed Viagra and penile injection therapy with Prostaglandin E1.  Many of these patients have diabetes and hypertension which are the two leading causes of severe ED. 

Penile implants can also be used to treat ED due to Peyronie’s disease.  This condition is associated with the deposition of plaque within the penis.  This plaque can cause penile pain and curvature during the erection. 

  • Severe Peyronie’s disease can lead to ED.  These patients with Peyronie’s and ED are best served by insertion of the penile implant

Penile Implant Recovery

Blood pressure and erectile dysfunctionFollowing penile implant surgery, you may experience some discomfort, which can be eased with pain medication. Swelling and bruising may persist for a few weeks.

You should limit your sexual activity for the first 3 weeks following the procedure.  By one month, you should be able to enjoy sex with the implant.

What Are the Risks Of the Penile Implant?

The most important risk is infection. The infection rate of the penile implant is under 3%. If the device becomes infected, it must be removed. 

Once it is removed, the penis can become scarred and this can make future penile implant surgery difficult.  Infection can be a devastating complication and everything possible under the sun must be done to avoid it.  For example, if you are diabetic, your glucose level should be well-controlled.  Finally, to keep the infection rate as low as possible, you should choose a skilled implant surgeon who has performed numerous penile implant procedures.  The more experienced and skilled the surgeon, the lower the risk of infection. 

  • Dr. Lazare is one of a few skilled surgeons in NYC who has a large experience with penile implant surgery.

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