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What is Cosmetic Circumcision?

Some men choose to undergo circumcision due to esthetic considerations. Cosmetic circumcision can improve the overall appearance of the penis. Sometimes the foreskin is discolored, scarred, or contains a skin tag.  Circumcision can eliminate these issues.

Who is a Candidate for Cosmetic Circumcision?

If you believe that the appearance of your penis would improve with circumcision, or you feel that your sex life would improve with a circumcised penis, you are a good candidate for the cosmetic circumcision procedure.

The best candidates will be healthy, nonsmokers with realistic expectations for the outcome of their procedure. If you are considering adult circumcision, be sure to speak with Dr. Lazare during your consultation and go over all of the risks and benefits of this procedure.      

The Cosmetic Circumcision Procedure

The cosmetic circumcision procedure is performed in Dr. Lazare’s certified office operating room. There, you will receive sedation from a board-certified anesthesiologist.  While there are many different cosmetic circumcision techniques depending on the desired outcome, the circumcision procedure is generally straightforward.

Dr. Lazare performs a cosmetic circumcision by making two circumferential skin incisions near the tip of the penis. The procedure involves:

  • Excising the excess foreskin between these incisions. 
  • Tying off blood vessels.
  • Stitching together the edges of the foreskin are stitched using absorbable sutures, which then dissolve on their own. 

The procedure takes less than an hour.

Cosmetic Circumcision Recovery

After surgery, a dressing is usually placed over the entire circumcised penis. Following surgery, your penis may become swollen. Swelling should subside over the next two weeks. Slight bruising may also occur and any discomfort can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications.

Risks of Cosmetic Circumcision

Possible risks include bleeding, infection, urethral injury, or removal of excess skin.  Dr. Lazare’s complication rate following cosmetic circumcision is well under 1 %.

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