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Lazare Urology is one of the premier urology centers in New York. You can visit us for any urinary tract problems, sexual health disorders, and prostate issues. We also remove kidney stones.

Dr. Lazare’s expertise is revered especially when it comes to male sexual health and erectile dysfunction. However, the great doctor treats patients of both genders.

In fact, Dr. Lazare is one of the few urologists in the area who can perform the three-piece penile implant injection procedure, a complex and effective cure for severe erectile dysfunction. The implant is also a solution if you have Peyronie’s Disease.

The Connection Between Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

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One of the least understood topics in sexual health is the high blood pressure erectile dysfunction connection. Most people in the medical community, most of all Dr. Lazare, understand just how devastating high blood pressure can be to your sexual health.

As explained by the good doctor, there are two adjacent cavities wrapped in soft tissue in the penis called the corpora cavernosa that are the main body part accountable for erections. The corpora cavernosa primarily comprises:

  • Veins
  • Arteries
  • Muscle fiber
  • Empty space

Understanding How This Connection Exists

Whenever you have an erection, the muscle fibers of the corpora cavernosa relax which in turn causes the blood vessels to dilate and allow blood to flow into the empty cavities. Due to the blood pressure in the tissues, the veins that would usually be responsible for draining blood from the penis are constricted. That is how a man can sustain an erection.

Based on the above explanation, high blood pressure keeps the arteries in the penis insufficiently dilated so that there is inadequate blood flow to fill the corpora cavernosa. Moreover, the smooth muscle fibers are also unable to relax so you have a hard time getting and sustaining an erection.

Moreover, men with high blood pressure also have low testosterone which in turn affects their ability to have and maintain erections. It is a vicious negative feedback loop.

To add fuel to the fire, some medications used to treat high blood pressure known as Diuretics can lead to erectile dysfunction. Diuretics not only reduce the amount of blood that flows into the penis but they also reduce your body’s zinc content and hence testosterone levels so that you have even fewer erections.


If you have high blood pressure that leads to erectile dysfunction, then most doctors will prescribe high blood pressure pills or Viagra. However, Dr. Lazare is not your common urologist. Though he may also prescribe the medicine above, he will try and see the root of the issue.

This may include advice about your diet, exercise, and overall lifestyle that may lower your blood pressure and ultimately cure your erectile dysfunction. If erectile dysfunction pills are not an option, then Dr. Lazare may prescribe penile injections.

You may also receive training about how to administer your own injections. If that fails, then a penile implant will be the next choice that Dr. Lazare will recommend. High blood pressure erectile dysfunction is not an issue to be taken lightly. Contact Lazare Urology as soon as you have any symptoms.

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