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What Is a Varicocele?

A varicocele refers to dilated veins that drain the testicle.  These enlarged veins result in poor blood flow and reduced oxygen delivery to the testicles.  A varicocele can produce scrotal pain and can reduce the sperm count. In severe cases, a varicocele can cause a man to become infertile. 


What is a Microscopic Varicocelectomy?

A microscopic varicocelectomy is a surgical procedure that can eliminate the varicocele, eliminate discomfort and restore fertility.

What Causes Varicoceles?

Varicoceles are believed to be caused by defects in the valves that line the testicular veins.  These valves are designed so that blood can only flow in one direction within the vein.  When the valves become defective, the veins enlarge. 


How is a Varicocele Detected?

A varicocele is usually detected by a physician during an evaluation for testicular pain or infertility.  Once your doctor suspects that you have a varicocele, he can perform a scrotal ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.

The Microscopic Varicocelectomy Procedure

The microscopic varicocelectomy is performed in the hospital on an outpatient basis.  You will most likely return home immediately following the surgery.  The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. You will be put to sleep by a board – certified anesthesiologist.

Dr. Lazare uses a high-powered surgical microscope to perform this operation. This allows for a superior view of the operative field.  With the aid of the microscope, Dr. Lazare is able to see all the veins that must be dissected, tied and then cut.  The microscope also allows Dr. Lazare to visualize the arteries, the vas deferens and the lymphatics.  These structures must be carefully preserved.

The entire procedure is performed through a small half inch incision in the upper scrotum.  The operation usually takes about two hours to complete.

Microscopic Varicocelectomy Recovery

The recovery is rapid because the incisions in the scrotum are tiny.  During recovery, you may experience some minor swelling and bruising of the scrotum. You probably will need 2-3 days of recovery time before you can resume full activity.  If you have a desk job, you can usually return to work the following day.

What Are the Risks of the Microscopic Varicocelectomy?

The most serious risk of the procedure is injury of the testicular artery which can produce damage to the testicle.  Injury to the vas deferens is also possible. Finally, the lymphatics can be injured which can lead to fluid around the testicle.  This is called a hydrocele.  The risk of these complications in Dr. Lazare’s hands is low – approximately 1 %.

What Is the Success Rate For This Procedure?

The microscopic varicocelectomy has a high success rate and low complication rate.  Most men will have an improvement in their sperm count and a reduction or elimination of their pain.  Many will also achieve a pregnancy following this procedure.

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