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Our cosmetic procedures focus on improving the appearance and function of the penis for a comfortable sex life. Not only is Dr. Lazare a board-certified urologist, he is also a highly skilled surgeon with ample experience performing cosmetic urological procedures.  These factors allow Dr. Lazare to achieve the best results possible for his patients.  

Circumcision Overview

Infant Circumcisions Rates Are Declining Slightly in the U.S. The infant circumcision rate declined about 6% from 1960 to 2010. The neonatal circumcision rate...

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Cosmetic Circumcision

What is Cosmetic Circumcision? Some men choose to undergo circumcision due to esthetic considerations. Cosmetic circumcision can improve the overall appearance of the penis....

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What is a Frenuloplasty? The frenulum is a small skin tag at the bottom of the penis. If you face the penis, the frenulum...

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What is Scrotoplasty? The scrotum is a thin sac located at the base of the penis that encloses and protects the testis.  The scrotum...

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