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Do Vasectomy Cause Erectile Dysfunction

One of the most frequent sexual health issues is erectile dysfunction (ED). It’s when you can’t get or keep an erection during sexual activity. There is no criterion for determining how long a problem must exist in order to be classified as ED. However, the period is usually at least six months. ED affects about 40% of men under the age of 40 and 70% of men over the age of 70. However, age isn’t the only factor that influences ED.

Is a vasectomy associated with erectile dysfunction? No, it doesn’t work that way. It’s one of the most effective methods of birth control, and more guys in Brooklyn, New York, are taking advantage of it. The operation does not induce ED, despite the fact that it requires a lot of cutting, tying, and scorching. It merely aids your ability to conceive with your spouse. Your urologist in Brooklyn, New York, should be able to explain vasectomy and what it includes to you.

How a Vasectomy Is Conducted

Vasectomies are a quick and painless treatment. You can go home following your surgery because it is an outpatient procedure. Your doctor, on the other hand, will most likely advise you to take two or three days off work. For about a week, or as long as your doctor prescribes, you should refrain from sexual activity and heavy lifting.

Here are a few essential facts about the procedure:

  • It takes 20 minutes or fewer
  • It doesn’t require any stitches
  • Your doctor will use local anesthesia
  • Pain and discomfort from the procedure shouldn’t last more than a few weeks
  • Pain from the procedure is minor. However, about three percent of men may experience chronic pain and discomfort. 

Why the procedure Doesn’t Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The no-scalpel and percutaneous techniques to vasectomy are the most popular. Before tying the vas deferens, the surgeon feels for it under your scrotum and makes a hole. This procedure has no effect on your erections or capacity to ejaculate. Your ejaculation will have the same appearance and feel. The following are involved in the climax and ejaculations:

  • The flow of blood to the penis
  • Mental provocation
  • Stimulating the nerves
  • Muscle contractions

Only the release of sperm into your sperm can be affected by the vas deferens. The body continues to produce sperm, which it absorbs like any other cell. It’s important to remember that a vasectomy doesn’t work right away. After around 20 ejaculates, or three months, your ejaculation will be sperm-free. After 90 days, return to your doctor’s office and have your semen tested for sperm.

What Doesn’t Happen After Vasectomy?

There are a few common misunderstandings about erectile dysfunction. Because sperm only makes up 3% of your ejaculate, its absence will have no effect on the flavor, texture, or quantity of your ejaculate. A vasectomy does not do any of the following things:

  • Influence your sexuality or masculinity
  • cause extreme pain
  • damage your sexual organs
  • Prevent STIs

Seek a Vasectomy Doctor Today

Finally, a vasectomy is an excellent method of birth control. It has no effect on erectile dysfunction or other sexual health issues. It has no effect on your sexuality or protects you from STIs. All it does is stop sperm from entering your ejaculate. If you have any concerns regarding the operation, ask your doctor for more information.

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