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Ejaculation After Vasectomy – What Should You Expect?

Did you recently have a vasectomy? You probably have questions about ejaculation and how it could be different. What happens during ejaculation after vasectomy? The simple answer is nothing is different. A vasectomy cannot influence the appearance or volume of your ejaculate fluid. The only difference is that your semen will have no sperm. 

Vasectomies are minor surgeries. They are a permanent form of birth control for men. Currently, over 500,000 men in the United States have had the procedure. In New York, the stigma surrounding the subject has reduced significantly. The procedure is typically conducted in a urologist’s office and lasts less than 30 minutes. Your urologist in Brooklyn, New York, will help you prepare for the procedure and set realistic expectations. 

Your First Ejaculation After Vasectomy

After having a vasectomy, you are advised to wait a few days before ejaculating. This includes both masturbation and sexual intercourse. If you could erect and ejaculate before the vasectomy, you will not lose that ability after your procedure. The only change is that your semen will no longer have sperm. 

Shortly after the vasectomy, it is common to experience the following symptoms in your testicles:

  • discomfort
  • some pain
  • swelling
  • minor wounds where the doctor made incisions 

Do not masturbate or have sex while you are still experiencing these symptoms. Waiting keeps you from irritating sensitive and swollen tissues. You can resume sexual activity within a week. The healing time varies from one person to another. Therefore, you simply need to listen to your body. 

 The first few ejaculations could be uncomfortable. However, there is no pain, and the discomfort doesn’t last long. Some men may notice some blood in the semen. 

If you still have uncomfortable ejaculations after several weeks, you’d be wise to seek the opinion of your urologist. It could be a sign that there was a complication during the procedure. 

About two percent of men who have vasectomies experience post-vasectomy pain syndrome. It is a chronic pain that could affect your testicles for three months or more. The pain could be occasional or constant.

Masturbation After Vasectomy

When the vasectomy wounds heal, and you no longer experience pain or swelling, you can masturbate safely. You don’t need to take any precautions. Get a follow-up sperm analysis after 20 ejaculates or three months. Your doctor may suggest that you masturbate into a cup and give them a semen sample.

Sex After Vasectomy

You can resume regular sexual activity when the pain and swelling subside. Sex before your wounds heals increases your risk of infection. It would be best if you continued using condoms and other forms of birth control for three months. The effects of vasectomy aren’t instant, as sperm may stay in the tubes for a few weeks. In addition, vasectomy procedures don’t protect you from STIs. 

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You need to get a follow-up test at some point after your vasectomy. It checks for sperm in your semen and confirms that the procedure was successful.  Ejaculation after vasectomy may cause slight pain for the first few days. After a while, however, it is not different from ejaculation before the procedure. The only difference is that the ejaculate fluid no longer contains any sperm.

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