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Erectile Dysfunction Surgical Treatment Options

Erection dysfunction can be stressful and lowers self-esteem in men; fortunately, you can treat it with medications and surgery. You may use a penis pump which is a constriction device that elevates ED. However, you should consider penile implants if the condition does not improve with devices and medications.

Contact an expert Urologist in Brooklyn, New York, if you are unsure about the surgical procedures that reduce ED. Surgical methods can help men get an erection but might not increase sexual desire. 

How a Vacuum Erection Device Elevates ED

The vacuum erection device is one of the most effective treatments for erectile dysfunction. A vacuum device is placed on the penis to pump blood until an erection is achieved. Although this is not a surgical method, it is a device that improves ED when medications fail.

Before going for surgery, you can opt for this device; to use it, you can apply lubricants to the penis, insert it into a tube connected to the vacuum device and pump the air out of the tube until an erection is achieved.

Finally, hold the erection with a constriction band during intercourse at the base and let it go away after intercourse.


You may need surgical treatments with implants on the penis, and you may undergo a surgical treatment that requires anesthesia to insert the inflatable implants on the penis. The surgical procedure might require about a month or two to achieve proper recovery, during which you would avoid sexual activities.

After healing from the surgical procedure, you can enjoy sex by inflating the implants to maintain an erection and deflate it once done. The inflatable implant has a reservoir, pump unit, and cylinders with fluid that can flow to the prosthesis creating an erection-like state during intercourse.

Penile Revascularization

Penile revascularization is preferable for men below 40 years who have experienced ED due to traumatic injuries. The trauma might affect the penile blood vessel leading to erection issues, and microsurgery can improve erections by restoring the blood vessels on the penis.

Penile revascularization is done at the doctor’s office. It allows the doctor to surgically bypass penile arteries by connecting an artery in the lower abdomen to the penis.

Reconnection of the arteries on the lower abdomen to the penis might increase blood flow on the penis, thus sustaining an erection. Most men with atherosclerosis should be under the procedure as the condition leads to hardening of the arteries. Thus the surgical procedure would prevent permanent damage to the lining of the blood vessels.

Final Thoughts

Erectile dysfunction can lower your confidence leading to mental health issues like depression. Fortunately, you can treat ED with medications, but you can opt for devices that help maintain an erection if it does not improve.

Again, surgical procedures should be the last resort if all the ED treatment options do not work. Surgical procedures improve conditions associated with blood vessels and the hardening of arteries. Surgical means can result in improved blood flow in the penile, which improves erections.

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