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How Diabetes Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

How Diabetes Leads to Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes continues to rise worldwide, and it is a life-changing condition that requires intrinsic blood sugar level management. Adequate blood level management helps deal with long-term health complications like kidney damage, nerve pain, heart problems, and erectile dysfunction.

So, how do you deal with the emotional difficulties that arise from maintaining an erection due to diabetes? You can find an expert Urologist in Brooklyn, New York, who understands your situation. The urologist might help with the treatment plan for the erectile issues related to diabetes.

Both type 1 and 2 diabetes predisposes you to erectile dysfunction (ED), and 50% of men with diabetes are likely to get the condition compared to those without the condition. Diabetes lowers the age when men might develop ED by 5 to 10 years, and the condition can be emotionally draining, leading to psychological issues. These are the likely causes of ED in patients with diabetes.

Damaged Blood Vessels

Patients with diabetes would have more glucose in their bloodstream, which might damage the microvascular blood vessel. Damaged blood vessels might contribute to kidney problems, loss of vision, and nerve pain.

However, the damage on the micro blood vessels in the penis reduces the blood supply to the vital organ leading to ED. Therefore, ED is worse in men with long-term uncontrolled diabetes. Your doctor can develop dietary plans and medications that reduce blood glucose amounts, thus preventing blood vessel damage and ED.


Diabetes leads to low testosterone levels, and testosterone impacts sexual function in men leading to ED. Unfortunately, low testosterone and elevated ED might cause mental issues leading to depression. Men might become stressed due to ED and an inability to maintain a healthy sexual life. Moreover, the stress might worsen due to an inability to manage a complex disease.

Depression might cause a lack of sleep, leading to a lack of the “morning wood,” which is naturally healthy. Lack of morning erections might cause further stress, which lowers self-esteem. The anxiety from poor performance in bed might further increase the difficulty of achieving an erection.

Talk with a psychologist who will treat depression and help you develop confidence which is vital for sexual performance.

ED Might Result From Medication Side Effects

Diabetes-related ED might result from the administered medications; these medications work on other symptoms such as heart problems, kidney issues, and other complications. Unfortunately, the medications which help elevate complications associated with the condition.

Some of the conditions lead to ED and lowers blood pressure preventing adequate blood flow to the penis. The side effects of the medications make ED difficult. However, if you think the medications are to blame for ED, you can talk with your doctor, substituting it with ones that reduce ED.

Final Thoughts

ED can lead to reduced self-confidence, stress, and depression, which further elevates the condition. ED might worsen in men with diabetes, as the condition leads to damaged blood vessels leading to insufficient blood supply in the penis.

Moreover, drugs used to treat complications such as kidney problems and heart conditions might further elevate ED and talk with your doctor on ways to prevent ED.

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