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How does a penile implant work?

It is common nowadays for men and women to have complaints with the urinary or sexual system. As the disorders continue to evolve, so do the medications and paramedics. Dr. Lazare is a skillful urologist in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Lazare treats kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection and problems with the prostate. He is a specialist in male sexual health and one of the few urologists with an understanding of the three-piece penile implant.

Penile Implant General information

A 3 piece penile implant allows a male to have an erection during sex and a soft, drooping penis when he does not have sex. A penile implant comprises two pipes that are placed inside the penis, a pump and a reservoir. To perform the procedure, Dr. Lazare begins by making a small opening in the scrotum. He then places the two tubes in the penis, the pump in the scrotum, and the rectus muscle reservoir. This operation is performed under spinal anesthesia, and it takes less than one and a half hours.

Therefore the patient is able to go home shortly after the process. In most cases, the penis will remain the same size after the operation, but in others, a half-centimeter will be lost. Therefore it is recommended to go to an experienced doctor like Dr. Lazare, who knows how to insert an implant the penis can acclimatize. A penile implant is considered a good method because the patient contentment rate is better than any other type of treatment. It is beneficial in the following ways;

  •       The sensation during sex with the implant is normal because nerves to the penis are not touched.
  •       A male can get a female pregnant with a penile implant.
  •       With the implant, the penis is firm when the male wants to have sex and is soft when not engaged in sex.
  •       Above all, having a penile implant is like having an erection.

 How Does a Penile Implant Work?

When a man wishes to have sex, he compresses the pump in the scrotum, then water is transported from the reservoir into the pipes, and the penis becomes stiff. When he finishes the act, he presses the discharge button in the scrotum, then water returns from the tubes to the reservoir and the penis becomes tender. Penile implants are appropriate for men with severe erectile dysfunction who have not been successful with Viagra and penile injection treatment. Severe erectile dysfunction can be caused by diabetes, hypertension and Peyronie’s disease. Peyronie’s disease is related to the accumulation of plaque within the penis, causing penile pain and bending during an erection.

After penile implant surgery, some uneasiness may occur but can be eased with pain medicines. Though, inflammation and bruises may continue for a few weeks. During recovery, Dr. Lazare advises his patients to limit sexual activities for 3weeks after the surgery. If patients don’t adhere to this advice, there may be a risk of infection. Though the infection rate of the penile implant is under 3%, if the device becomes infected, it should be removed immediately. After it is removed, the penis becomes disfigured, and this can make future penile operation hard. To avoid any chance of infection, you should choose an experienced doctor who has accomplished plentiful and successful penile implant practices.

Contact Dr. Lazare for any inquiries regarding penile implants and learn more about them. You can also schedule an appointment with a verified urologist and proficient specialist.

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