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How Long After Having a Vasectomy Can You Ejaculate?

A vasectomy is a procedure where the tubes that carry sperm out of the testicles are cut or blocked so that a man cannot make his partner pregnant. After 2-3 months, this method is almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. The success rate of vasectomies is a reason why they are so popular. If you consider getting a vasectomy in Brooklyn, you should see a Urologist in Brooklyn, New York.

  • You can recover quickly after having a vasectomy. But what does this mean? How long after vasectomy can you have sex?

Why Shouldn’t You Have Sex After a Vasectomy?

To a certain extent, having sex is a natural part of life for most guys. Some people schedule their lives around it. After all, it’s been proven that having sex regularly can relieve stress and help you stay healthy. However, the health benefits of sex aren’t always 100% positive, as there’s always a risk of having adverse side effects from it, such as: 

  • Physical injury, 
  • STDs,
  • Mental health issues.

One common effect of sex is that it can cause itchiness in your nether regions. Itchiness is not only annoying, but it’s also a security concern for most people because it could lead to a bacterial infection if you keep scratching it.

Another reason why you should not have sex after a vasectomy is because it could cause you to experience the worst pain of your life. This worst pain is called vasectomy reversal pains. If you think experiencing sex after a vasectomy is terrible, wait till you experience what happens when your body starts having increasing testosterone levels again after its been deprived for so long.

Is It Safe To Have Sex Straight Away After A Vasectomy?

After having a vasectomy, you can go for sex as soon as you like. There is no waiting time after this procedure. It would be best to do it only when the sperm count is zero in your semen or urine. Your urologist will advise you on this issue.

Sperm are stored in the vas deferens of the testicles. After vasectomy, there is no way for sperm to get out, so they clump together and form a mass. These sperm can live inside your body for several months after vasectomy.

  • Sperm will gradually decrease with time if you do not ejaculate or have sex.

How Long Can You Wait After Having A Vasectomy To Ejaculate Or Have Sex?

The critical question is, how long can you wait before having sexual intercourse after having a vasectomy. A vasectomy should only be considered permanent birth control. After a vasectomy, you absolutely must use other forms of contraception until a semen analysis shows a zero sperm count. Using condoms alone after a vasectomy may lead to unwanted pregnancy, and if that happens, it’s on you.

It usually takes about three months for the sperm count to reach zero after vasectomy. Your doctor will advise you to abstain from ejaculating or having sex for at least three months after your surgery. Otherwise, the consequences will be devastating. 

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