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How Long to Wait for Sex After Circumcision

A circumcision is a procedure often done on a newborn baby to remove the foreskin. Some men, however,  have it performed later in life for medical reasons. Sometimes personal reasons are involved, such as appearance issues or cleanliness. Circumcision can also improve penis health and hygiene. 

Getting a circumcision done as an adult has some drawbacks, though, such as:

  • The procedure is a bit more complicated and may take about 20-30 minutes. 
  • General anesthesia is often required.
  • Recovery may take longer.
  • The possibility of complications increases.

One of the biggest issues, though, is the required abstinence period. This can be frustrating if you are married or in a relationship. However, because it is an open wound, you need to refrain from having sex for a while or else you could get HIV or develop an infection. You could also damage the wound and delay the healing process. 

When Will I Be Healed?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a man should abstain from sexual activity for 42 days, or six weeks after an open circumcision. Even if a man thinks they have healed more quickly, they should still wait the full six weeks. Healing time does not differ based on HIV status. A man will generally heal at the same rate whether or not they have HIV.

Circumcision wounds should be inspected at a follow-up visit one week after the procedure. Men with an infection or evidence of tight sutures may have their healing delayed. If there is a risk of complications, their doctor may advise them to hold off on sexual activity beyond the six-week recommendation. 

Studies show that 94% of circumcisions are healed within six weeks. Eighty-three percent are healed by week 5, while 65% were healed within four weeks. While most men are healed by week 4, they should still wait the full six weeks unless their doctor tells them otherwise. 

There is one exception to this: when the man has laser circumcision. This is the most advanced type of circumcision and the wait time is much shorter. Instead of six weeks, you can expect healing within 7-10 days. It is important to refrain from sex for this amount of time to avoid injury. This is because the head of the penis is quite tender during recovery. Therefore, if you have sex before it is fully healed, the risk of injury due to sex is very high. 

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Circumcision as an adult can be a frustrating experience in terms of sex. While nobody wants to abstain from sex for so long, circumcision offers many benefits, so it’s well worth the wait. Contact a New York doctor from Lazare Urology to schedule your circumcision. Our knowledgeable urologist will perform the procedure in a clean, safe environment and help you heal quickly. Call (718) 568-7516 or fill out the online form or to schedule a consultation. We serve the Brooklyn area.

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