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How Often Should a Man See a Urologist?

Have you ever deliberated how often you should visit a urologist as a man? Maybe you are getting older, and have yet to see a urologist, and you feel like now is the right time? Women visit their gynecologists and urologists regularly, so should men follow suit? 

Of course, nobody likes to get negative news, particularly regarding their health, but the consequences of not seeing a urologist can sometimes be very severe. If you are experiencing any urinary issues or want a checkup on your urinary health, Dr. Jonathan Lazare, a urologist Brooklyn New York, is board-certified and experienced to give you the best urology services. Let’s look at how often a man should see a urologist.

When You Turn 40

Some people are meticulous about making regular appointments to visit their urologist, while other individuals procrastinate until the years end up passing without going for a checkup. When you get into your forties, a urologist recommends that you should give them a visit. If you have not been experiencing urinary issues, most people can go without seeing a urologist until they turn forty.

After that, you should visit a urologist and have a prostate test. This will help in detecting prostate cancer for timely treatment and also improve your urinary health. Whereas many men fear a prostate exam, the test is not as bad as told. So as soon as you turn 40 or you are closer, ensure you consider seeing a urologist.

If You Have Had Urinary Problems

Irrespective of your age, if you are experiencing urinary problems such as blood in your urine or urinary tract infections, you should visit a urologist. These are symptoms of serious medical conditions that require a medical professional for treatment. Urinary issues result from different issues, and determining the underlying cause of the problem is the best option for your health.

If you have any urinary issues such as pain in your testicle or penis, painful urination, urethral discharge, blood in your urine, etc., the wise decision is to see a urologist. Other instances that might necessitate an appointment with your urologist include:

  •       Hematuria
  •       Kidney stones
  •       Vasectomy
  •       Erectile dysfunction

After 40

As previously stated, you should see a urologist after turning 40 and get a prostate exam. Once the exam is complete and the results are negative for prostate cancer, you won’t need to have another exam for about ten years. This is good news for you. However, depending on your health condition, you might be required to visit a urologist for an assessment once a year unless more is required.

In case you develop any urinary problems, you will be required to see your urologist to prevent the development of severe conditions that might threaten your life, including prostate cancer.

Bottom Line

Urinary problems can be quite severe if not treated timely. If you would like to see one of the best urologists, Dr. Lazare is a board-certified urologist dedicated to helping you with any urinary problems you might be having. Call or schedule an appointment online to discuss your concerns and learn the best solutions available to you.

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