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How to Clean After Circumcision

Many boys get circumcised soon after birth. While it’s not medically necessary, circumcision is often done either for religious or personal reasons. Circumcision has a lot of benefits, such as better hygiene and reduced risk of infections and diseases such as cancer.

Some uncircumcised boys develop medical issues as they get older and need or desire a circumcision in their teens or adult years. Getting a circumcision is different as you get older. You will likely have to undergo general anesthesia and the recovery time may be longer. 

Also, you’ll need to ensure that you care for and clean your penis properly after a circumcision. Otherwise, you could develop a painful infection and other complications. Here’s what you need to know to make your circumcision a success.

Tips for Cleaning

It’s important to understand incision care and other aftercare following your circumcision. When you are released, there will likely be a tight bandage placed around the penis to reduce swelling and protect the wound. 

The bandage may fall off on its own, but if not, you should remove it the second day after surgery. This is when you should do it in the bath or shower. Do not bathe before this time (sponge baths are fine, but avoid full-body bathing).

Removing the bandage is easier if you sit in the bath or shower for 10 minutes and then completely unravel the bandage. Once the bandage is off, don’t scrub the incision site. You can let soapy water run over it, but then pat it dry.  After the bandage is off, leave the penis open to air. Apply Vaseline or bacitracin ointment to the sutures, several times a day, to keep the incision from sticking to your clothes. Your stitches may remain for about 1-2 weeks; they should dissolve on their own.  

Other Things to Keep in Mind

After a circumcision, you’ll want to keep these other aspects in mind:

  • Activity. Take it easy after your circumcision. You can generally return to work within a few days, but avoid sports for two weeks to avoid oozing from the penis.
  • Sex. Sexual activity will have to wait. Erections can pull open the stitches, so avoid sex for about six weeks, or until your penis is healed. Get confirmation from your doctor. 
  • Pain. Wearing boxer briefs can reduce friction and irritation, which can lead to increased pain. Your doctor may give you a prescription for pain medications. If not, Tylenol is recommended. Use as directed.

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You may be concerned about caring for a circumcision when you’re a teen or adult. The process is not so complicated and in time, you’ll be back to normal. 

Our New York doctor from Lazare Urology has the expertise to perform safe and effective circumcisions. We can discuss your concerns and help you feel comfortable about the procedure. Call (718) 568-7516 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation. We serve the Brooklyn area. 

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