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Is Erectile Dysfunction a Disease?

At least 30 million men have erectile dysfunction. Scientists are still trying to establish the causes and treatments for the condition to help save millions of sex lives. Since it has become a global concern, many men with ED are coming out to find ways of improving their love lives so that they can satisfy their partners in bed.

When faced with this problem, most people wonder, is erectile dysfunction a disease, what are the causes and are there any scientifically-proven treatment methods? The answers to these questions will explain why erectile dysfunction is a disease like any other.

How can you Tell if you have Erectile Dysfunction?

When you have ED, you will be unable to get and sustain a firm erection. When this happens once in a while, there is no cause for an alarm. But when starts happening more often, you should consider visiting a doctor to establish the cause and recommend a viable treatment procedure.

What are the Causes of ED?

To get an erection, your brain, sex hormones, emotions, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels need to work together. The following factors may contribute to erectile dysfunction:

Physical and Psychological Conditions

In most cases, erectile dysfunction can be caused by medical conditions such as heart diseases, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, and sleep apnea among others. These conditions may interfere with the physical nature of your body, causing less blood to flow in and out of your heart. Mental conditions such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and panic attacks can also lead to ED.

Medical Treatments

Obesity and Erectile DysfunctionMen who are exposed to radiation and chemotherapy during treatment for prostate cancer may also encounter ED. Some chemotherapy drugs may negatively impact on penile nerves which are responsible for making the penis hard. The contribution of medicine in erectile dysfunction can be short or long-lived.

What is the Effective Treatment Plan for ED?

You can help prevent chances of getting ED by avoiding lifestyle habits such as smoking, eating foods with high cholesterol levels, or drinking alcohol. However, ED can be a sign of an underlying issue that can be sufficiently addressed by medical personnel. Scientifically-proven oral medications may be recommended, depending on the severity of your case. These include:

  • Sildenafil (Viagra)
  • Tadalafil (Cialis)
  • Vardenafil (Levitra, Staxyn)

In other cases, your doctor may apply Testosterone therapy (TRT) to determine the testosterone levels. You will also need to inform your doctor if you are using medications to treat other physical conditions. Remember, a specific treatment plan may fail to work for you. Your doctor may be better placed to advise on what is right for you.

Visit a doctor with experience

Erectile dysfunction is a disease like any other. Dr. Jonathan Lazare is aware of the challenges men with ED go through in life, which is why he handles their cases with the utmost discretion. His understanding of the prevalence of ED in men has helped him restore thousands of sex lives.

He has intensive experience in the field, to help design a practical treatment plan for your problem. Contact him today at (718) 568-7143 to start your journey to good sex life.

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