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If you are an obese man struggling to lose weight, your excess weight may be the cause of your sexual problems. Losing some weight is one of the most effective ways to treat ED. Obesity may lead to health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and hypertension. They are all linked to ED. 

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

According to the spokesperson of the American Urological Association, 53% of men aged 40-70 struggle with ED. Obesity may be one of the risk factors. 

How an Erection Works

An erection happens when the blood vessels which lead to the penis dilate and fill with blood. The lining of the blood vessels produces Nitric Oxide which causes the smooth muscles to relax and the penis to engorge. Anything that can affect the blood vessels can cause erectile dysfunction. 

Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction

Obese men are highly likely to have low testosterone. Low testosterone may also cause obesity. Fat cells in the body metabolize testosterone to estrogen. In turn, the levels of testosterone in the body reduces. Obesity may also reduce SHBG levels in the body. SHBG is responsible for carrying testosterone in the blood. 

Obese men may suffer from psychological issues such as low self-esteem and anxiety. They are both common causes of erectile dysfunction 

Obese? How to Improve Your Erections

If you are obese or overweight, you have an increased risk of erectile dysfunction and other health issues. You can make a few lifestyle changes to boost your sexual performance. Some of them include; 

  1.     Exercise regularly to lose weight. Weight loss is linked to improved sexual performance and healthy sex life. Even if you don’t lose weight, exercise boosts your mood and may improve your self-esteem. It boosts stamina and lowers the risk of performance anxiety. 
  2.     Adopt a healthy diet to maintain a healthy weight
  3.     If losing weight does not treat your erectile dysfunction, you may need to see a doctor and ask them to prescribe medication. 
  4.     Pay attention to cardiovascular health issues. High cholesterol and hypertension are often linked to ED. Pay attention to your heart health and you may get rid of erectile dysfunction. 

The connection between heart and sexual health is so profound that erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign of cardiovascular health problems. Most men who have coronary artery disease have struggled with erectile dysfunction for an average of two years before experiencing the first symptoms of heart problems. ED can be an indication of future strokes or heart attacks. If you have erectile dysfunction, it is advisable to seek the help of a doctor as soon as possible. 

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