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We believe that we provide the best treatments that are available in New York.  But don’t take our word for it! Read what our extremely satisfied patients have to say:

“Dr Lazare, you are more than a good doctor. Your contribution to my sexual health with the penile implant is nothing short of magical. During all my visits, your style put me at ease and helped me gain confidence. If every doctor is  as caring as you, the world will be filled with smiles. The thought of surgery is scary and traumatizing especially for a doctor patient, but you made it friendly and pleasing. As I was been taken to the operating room, you looked at me, smiled and said “don`t worry, we will do a good job,” and you did. Surgeons like you are life savers. As a physician myself, I have learn`t so much from you this short time and hope to incorporate your style into my practice. Your front office staff caring attitude was exceptional and always made me feel at home. Thanks Dr Lazare for helping me get back on track with my sexual life. “