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Side Effects of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Many men are suffering from a defect of keeping up with a firm erection to get enough sexual intercourse. This condition is called erectile dysfunction and affects millions of men across America. Men experiencing a routine in difficulty in erection should seek treatment in Lazare urology. The clinic has a staff devoted to providing a service that suits your goals of a healthy reproductive system. The disorder of erectile dysfunction increases directly with age. From recent statistics, fifty percent of men over 60 years have erectile dysfunction. Patients with reproductive disorders should seek consultation from a urologist Brooklyn New York specialist for proper evaluation and medication.


An erection is an event that involves the heart and blood. For a penis to get rigid, it has to be filled with blood. Good erection needs blood vessels in good shape. A lot of people have wrong information when it comes to testosterone and erection. Erection seems to be a cholesterol issue than testosterone.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Here are some causes of erectile dysfunction among men;

  •       Hypertension
  •       Diabetes
  •       Medication
  •       Heart disease
  •       Obesity
  •       Smoking and
  •       Alcohol overuse

Effects of erectile dysfunction on men

Erectile dysfunction has a lot of adverse effects on men. Here are some of the side effects of erectile dysfunction in men:

  •       Low self-esteem- It is like culture to every man that erection and matters concerning manhood are sources of power and self-esteem. Men who have erectile dysfunction do not have confidence and may even suffer the disorder without revealing the problem to anyone for help.
  •       Anxiety- is the feeling of uneasiness about an outcome. It makes one feel nervous about an uncertain outcome. Patients suffering from the defect are uncertain about their reproduction. It kills the dream of having kids and happy marriages.
  •       Stress among the married as the dream of having a family can be hindered by the condition. A family with one member who is stressed can pass the syndrome to the other partner.
  •       Depression- is a stubborn feeling of sadness. It causes a change in mood and loss of interest. People suffering from the disorder tend to have a bad mood.

Remedy to erectile dysfunction

Weight loss

Weight loss and a lot of exercises are non-medical medication and a long-term approach to treat erectile dysfunction. Overweight is a source of circulatory diseases, which can be related to erection problems. Obese and overweight people should try to lose weight. People with trouble losing weight should seek a doctor’s advice. He/ she can arrange an exercise plan and diet to achieve your goal. Weight and heart disease are related. Weight means cholesterol, which might block the vessel transporting blood to the penis.


medication for erectile dysfunction includes Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. These medications are known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. They function by dilating the vessels to the penis. For a better result of the medication, it should be taken an hour before having sexual intercourse.

Self-injection therapy

self-injection is an alternative to solve erectile dysfunction when other medications like Viagra do not work. Treatment involves injecting the side of the penis with a needle.

Patients with reproductive disease should seek medication in Lazare Urology clinic. Do not let your self-esteem be downgraded to zero due to erectile dysfunction. Contact the office in Brooklyn, New York.

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