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Surprising Reasons Why You Have Erectile Dysfunction

It is easy to look at obvious reasons when you have erectile dysfunction. However, the culprit is not always so obvious. Common triggers of erectile dysfunction include:

  • diabetes
  • high blood pressure
  • mental health issues

For example, most men do not understand the link between trazodone and erectile dysfunction. They fail to understand the role of drugs and diet in achieving a healthy sex life. The following are a few little known factors to watch out for.

1. A Pantry full of Canned Food

If you consume a lot of canned foods, you are ingesting a chemical called bisphenol-A (BPA). It mimics estrogen in women and can limit the production of testosterone. Men who are frequently exposed to BPA have four times the risk of getting erectile dysfunction than those who are not exposed to it.

Even though the relationship between BPA and human hormone systems is unclear, you would be wise to reduce exposure. Fill your pantry with fresh and healthy foods. Buy containers and bottles that have been marked as BPA-free.

2. Your Medicine Cabinet

When watching TV, you are likely to run into plenty of commercials promising to help with your bedroom concerns. Unfortunately, some of the medication that promises to help you may make matters even worse. Unrelated medications may also have erection problems as a side effect. Do not buy any medication before understanding its health implications.

Blood pressure medication and some anti-depressants cause erectile dysfunction. They may have high levels of serotonin which inhibits sexual activity. Understand the connection between trazodone and erectile dysfunction.

It can cause spontaneous long-lasting erections. Over time, the drug can cause erectile dysfunction. If you feel that the medication you are taking is causing erectile dysfunction, speak with a doctor and ask for help.

3. Frequent Bicycling

Your bicycling hobby can be contributing to your erectile dysfunction. Men who ride more than three hours a week are more likely to get erectile dysfunction than those who ride less often.

A hard seat compresses the area between your scrotum and anus. It squeezes off important arteries and nerves that are responsible for normal sexual function.

4. Failure to Floss

Forgetting to floss may not seem like a big problem but it is. It can lead to erectile dysfunction. Poor oral hygiene is bad for your teeth, your penis, and your heart. Over 15% of men with chronic gum disease have erectile dysfunction.

Bacteria from your mouth flows through your blood and combines with plaque. It clogs your blood vessels and limits the flow of blood to your penis.

5. Car Accidents or Other Injuries

Injuries to the pelvis may lead to erectile dysfunction. They may injure your nerves or arteries. The artery which supplies blood to the penis may be injured. If you enjoy sports, be careful to avoid injuries.

If you need help with your erectile dysfunction, consider getting help from Lazare Urology. Call us today at (718) 806-9425 and book your appointment.

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