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The Link Between Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

Is there a connection between depression and erectile dysfunction? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Up to 47% of people with depression have unhealthy sex lives. 61% of people with severe depression have some sort of sexual problem. 40% of them end up taking antidepressants which may also affect their sexual lives. Over 80% of men with erectile dysfunction have had depression at some point in their lives.

The symptoms of depression include; anxiety, stress, and guilt. They may all contribute to erectile dysfunction. According to a study conducted by the NIMH, men who suffer from depression are likely to lose interest in sex and other activities. If they are on antidepressants, they may experience erectile dysfunction, delayed orgasms, or other sexual problems. 

Depression is often accompanied by a feeling of worthlessness. It may affect a man’s ability to achieve or maintain an erection. Depression causes an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. This means that you may be unable to perform well in bed. 

Warning Signs of Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

Half of all men aged 50 and above are likely to experience erectile dysfunction. However, age is not always a problem. The following signs may indicate that erectile dysfunction is the problem;

  • You associate erectile dysfunction with a negative feeling about yourself
  • Sex is no longer fun for you
  • You have started to experience erectile dysfunction after stressful life events
  • You have anxiety, guilt, a feeling of worthlessness or frustration along with erectile dysfunction

Seeking Help

You should seek professional help if you suspect that you have depression or any other mental health problems. The first step of the process is talking about it. Do not assume that your erectile dysfunction will just go away. If depression is the cause of your problem, treating it can take care of the problem. The following tips may help you take care of the problem;

  1.     Get a complete medical evaluation. Your doctor will try to understand your daily life challenges and how they may be affecting your sex life
  2.     They may prescribe medication to treat depression
  3.     They may suggest that you start seeing a mental health doctor to identify the cause of depression and treat it. 

Talking to Your Partner About It

 Without proper communication, erectile dysfunction can affect your relationship. Partner support can help you fight both depression and erectile dysfunction. Dealing with the problem as a team makes things easier. Your partner can help in the following ways;

  1.     They can develop a positive and non-judgmental attitude
  2.     You can see a mental health professional together
  3.     They can help you identify negative habits that are common with depression and may make your erectile dysfunction worse

Consider working with Dr. Lazare if you need help with your erectile dysfunction. Dr. Lazare is a skilled and experienced urologist. He treats urinary and sexual system disorders for both men and women.

He treats erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection, prostate problems, and kidney stones. He has vast experience in the insertion of the three-piece penile implant for treating severe erectile depression. Contact us today at (718) 568-7516 and ask for help.


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