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What Can You Expect from a Urologist Appointment?

A urologist is a physician that specializes in matters related to the urinary tract and the male reproductive system. They diagnose and treat conditions such as incontinence, bladder infections, erectile dysfunction, and enlarged prostate. In some instances, your primary care physician will refer you to a Urologist Brooklyn, New York, if your case is complicated or severe. You may also choose to see a urologist because you are experiencing symptoms that are not improving.

  • When preparing to visit a urologist, it is essential to know what to expect. This can help take the anxiety out of it and help you prepare sufficiently.

Here is a guide on a typical urologist appointment and what to expect.

Medical History

As part of the initial visit, your urologist will want to learn about you, your reason for visiting, and your medical history. They may ask about your symptoms, lifestyle, and environmental factors. This is your chance to disclose any pre-existing conditions or medications you may be taking. Be honest, as this information will be the basis of all your visits from here on.

Urine Test

What Can You Expect from a Urologist Appointment? | Lazare Urology Center in Brooklyn, NYNext, the urologist will ask you to provide a urine sample. It will be subjected to a test for information purposes. In relation to this step, it is advisable to show up to your appointment with a full bladder. Otherwise, you should inform the urologist of any pre-existing conditions that prevent you from providing a sample.

Symptom Analysis

After the urine test, the specialist will inquire about your symptoms. Make sure to mention everything, no matter how insignificant it may seem. You can come up with a list before your appointment to make sure you cover everything.

  • Explain to the urologist what you are experiencing and for how long you have experienced it.

Physical Exam

Urologists specialize in problems of the urine tract and reproductive system. Consequently, your doctor will perform a physical exam focusing on the bladder, kidneys, reproductive organs, adrenal glands, and urethra. This exam, coupled with your symptoms, should help the urologist make an accurate diagnosis. It is important to note that the exam will be different for men and women. Where a man will get a rectal exam, a woman may require a pelvic exam.


What Can You Expect from a Urologist Appointment? | Lazare Urology Center in Brooklyn, NYFollowing the physical exam, your doctor will discuss your condition if you have one. He/she will recommend a plan of action that may involve one or several treatment options. The urologist may also prescribe medication, request additional tests, or suggest a surgical procedure. In case your condition is caused by controllable factors, they may also recommend some lifestyle changes. Don’t be pressured. You don’t have to make a decision immediately unless the urologist says the matter is urgent.



  • Ask as many questions as you want about all the recommendations. Finally, arrange your next urologist appointment with your doctor.

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What Can You Expect from a Urologist Appointment? | Lazare Urology Center in Brooklyn, NYNow that you know all there is to know about a urologist appointment and what to expect, you can plan your first visit. If you have further questions or concerns about urology, feel free to contact Lazare Urology to speak to a professional urologist in Brooklyn, New York.

You can also call our office at (718) 568-7143 to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.





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