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What Does A Urologist Treat?

A urologist is a specialist who treats disorders related to the reproductive system and urinary tract for both men and women. The clinic is led by Dr. Lazare, an experienced urologist who has broad knowledge that involves the insertion of a three-piece penile implant. Patients suffering from urinary tract infection can get reproductive treatment from a urologist in Brooklyn New York. The doctor can treat the following disorders like kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, urinary system infections, and prostate infections.

So, what does a urologist treat?

Kidney stones

Kidney stones are more common in men compared to women. Those who have the disorder are likely to have suffered the problem for more than fifteen years without any control or preventive measures. At the clinic, the doctor can do percutaneous nephrolithotomy, wave lithotripsy, and laser lithotripsy. There are several remedies to treat kidney stone at home;

Drink lemon juice

Kidney stones result from the presence of calcium, uric acid, and oxalate in the kidney leading to the formation of a crystal. It leads to an increase in the size of the kidney and the formation of a stone. According to research published by a medical journal in Iran, a demonstration showed that sugar-free lemon could be a remedy for kidney stones.

 Stay hydrated

Managing kidney stones involves drinking a lot of water. Water ensures substances in the kidney stay diluted and increase the volume of a kidney to reduce. A healthy drink should be taken to reduce the risk. Those drinks may include wines, tea, coffee, orange juice, beer, and water. Drinking soda can increase the severeness of kidneys or can increase the risk of kidney stones.

Urinary tract infection

It is easy to know if you are suffering from a urinary tract infection as the condition is characterized by painful urination. Antibiotics can be used as a treatment for these disorders, but consistency and failure to heal leads to a sign of interstitial cystitis. Interstitial cystitis is easy to treat as it requires anti-inflammatory drugs to heal.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man cannot achieve and maintain an erection. The condition can be due to vascular problems where blood does not pump effectively in the penis to cause a full erection. The defect affects the fertility and sexual performance of men to a degree it can cause depression, anxiety, and even stress among couples. It may seem uncomfortable to discuss erectile dysfunction with a urologist, but that is the best way to get help.

Poor bladder control

Poor bladder control is also called urinary incontinence. This condition is characterized by leakage and frequent urination. The experience of urinary incontinence is annoying as one can leak urine in public or even on the incidence of coughing, laughing, or sneezing. Patients suffering from the condition should seek help from the Lazare Urology center.

Bloodstains on urine

Bloodstains in urine are a sign of an infected bladder or kidney, or cancer disease. Bloodstain in urine can be due to excessive exercise or an internal injury. Patients should be concerned with the color of their urine.

Any sign of reproductive disorder should be taken seriously. Reproductive tract infections have the following sign;

  •       Painful lower body
  •       Bloody or cloudy urine
  •       Vomiting
  •       Nausea
  •       Chills and
  •       Fevers

Any sign above should not be ignored. At Lazare Urology, patients can receive quality services to fulfill their goal dream, to be healed. You can book an online appointment to see a urologist.  The clinic is located in Brooklyn, New York.

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