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Penile Implant Infection Symptoms

A healthy sex life is important to many men. However, many suffer from erectile dysfunction, which makes it difficult to get and maintain an erection.  Many men take pills such as Viagra to achieve an erection. Others opt for regular testosterone shots. These options work well for many men,...

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What Is the Average Penile Implant Cost?

Erectile dysfunction can be frustrating and debilitating to any man or couple in today’s world. The hope provided by penile implants as a treatment option, on the other hand, can be short-lived when you begin to consider the costs. What is the average penile implant cost? Does insurance cover...

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How does a penile implant work?

It is common nowadays for men and women to have complaints with the urinary or sexual system. As the disorders continue to evolve, so do the medications and paramedics. Dr. Lazare is a skillful urologist in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Lazare treats kidney stones, erectile dysfunction, urinary tract infection...

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