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How Many Nerve Endings Are Lost in Circumcision?

To circumcise or not to circumcise? That is a question that many parents are asking nowadays when they have male children. Circumcision has many benefits. It can help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases. Plus, a circumcised penis is better for hygiene, as it is easier to clean. 

There are many people, though, who are vehemently against circumcision. They claim it is akin to genital mutilation, robbing a male of sensitivity in his penis. In fact, many anti-circumcision groups will claim that foreskin contains more than 20,000 nerve endings. Circumcised men are allegedly being deprived of 75% of sexual pleasure, as these thousands of nerve endings provide most of the pleasure that a man experiences during sexual activity. 

However, the source of this information is unknown. No study has effectively shown that circumcision results in the removal of so many nerve endings. 

The reality for many men is that sex is even better after circumcision

The head of the penis has more than 4,000 nerve endings on its own. This is an incredibly sensitive area of a man’s body. And while many people will argue that the foreskin has even more nerve endings and removing it will reduce pleasurable sensations during intercourse, studies have shown just the opposite. 

In a study of men who underwent circumcision, 64% of them reported their penis was “much more sensitive.” In addition, 55% of them found that reaching orgasm was much easier after their circumcision. This is likely because those 4,000 nerve endings are found in the head of the penis, not the foreskin. Removing the foreskin exposes the sensitive head of the penis, allowing for an increase in sexual pleasure.

In a study of African men, 4,456 were uncircumcised, with 2,210 of those men getting circumcised. The men were surveyed before and after the procedure and showed the following:

  • The men saw no differences in sexual desire, erection issues, or ejaculation issues. 
  • Two years after the circumcision, 98.4% of the men felt “satisfied or very satisfied” with their sex lives. 
  • 72% of the men said their sensitivity had increased after circumcision
  • 78% of the men said circumcision made it easier to put on condoms.

What this means is that despite what some groups will say, circumcision does not impair sexual activity, function, and pleasure at all and in many cases, may even mave sex more enjoyable. 

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It’s hard to tell just how many nerve endings are lost in circumcision, if any. Overall, it is not believed that circumcision negatively impacts a man’s sex life. It may even increase sensitivity and make sex better in other ways. 

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