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How Much Does Circumcision Cost?

Common myths claim that circumcision is painful, expensive, and a factor for decreased sensation. However, these beliefs are far from the truth. Furthermore, circumcision has so many benefits that outweigh the possible risks and costs. Doctors now perform the procedure under local anesthesia that alleviates all discomfort. Schedule an appointment online today with an experienced urologist in Brooklyn, New York, to know if you are a candidate. So, how much does circumcision cost? What are the benefits? And what are the risks involved?

How much does circumcision cost?

Nowadays, it does not matter whether you are circumcised as an adult or an infant, as the procedure is painless either way. Even if you are working, you will only need a few days from work to recover. Circumcision is an outpatient procedure meaning that you will not spend the night at the hospital. Another myth is that doctors use general anesthesia in adults to eliminate pain. This is not true. On the contrary, they use local anesthesia in both infants and adults. Local anesthesia minimizes the risks involved and lowers the costs.

Considering that circumcision uses local anesthesia and is an outpatient procedure, it is almost obvious that it is not expensive. You can get the procedure done with as low as $1600. An article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information found that the average unit cost of voluntary medical male circumcision in South Africa was $132 in 2014. As the unit cost is low, so are the prices charged by medical practitioners. This means that the procedure is affordable to anyone.

What are the benefits of circumcision?

It is always good to compare the price and the benefits to determine whether a procedure is worth the cost in every situation. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that circumcised men are at a lower risk of contracting HIV and sexually transmitted infections from vaginal sex. The body also revealed that circumcised men are at a reduced risk of urinary tract infections compared to those with intact foreskin. Other benefits of circumcision include prevention of irritation and infection and reduced risk of cancer. Overall, the benefits of circumcision are worth the amount charged for the procedure. The fact that the operation is painless makes it open for anyone willing to reap the benefits.

What are the risks of circumcision?

Every procedure, especially surgical ones, comes with risks. The risks of circumcision include:

  •       Bleeding for a few hours or days after the operation
  •       Foreskin complications where it is left too short to too long
  •       Wound complications where the stitches fail to heal properly
  •       Improper reattachment of the foreskin to the penis

You should ensure that you follow strict instructions and report irregularities to minimize the risks.

When to see a doctor

You should book a consultation with a doctor to determine whether you are a suitable candidate depending on your goals. Some people go for circumcision for cosmetic purposes. You will also discuss the costs during your appointment. Finally, you will prepare for the actual procedure. Call the offices at 718-568-7516.

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