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Teen Circumcision Specialist in New York

Although most individuals in the United States are circumcised as infants, a sizable proportion is circumcised in teen or adult years. This is done for religious reasons, social reasons, or medical reasons to cure conditions. Religious and social reasons can make uncircumcised teenagers develop feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness because many identify penises with sexuality. Call Dr. Lazare, an experienced urologist in Brooklyn, New York, to schedule a teen circumcision appointment. Here is more information about circumcision in teenagers.

Why are teen circumcisions on the rise?

As discussed above, the major reason for the increased teen circumcisions in the United States and elsewhere is self-esteem. Other reasons include:

  • Peer pressure: Teenagers are likely to give up to pressure from their peers when teased about uncircumcised penises. Peer pressure makes those uncircumcised feel self-conscious, embarrassed, and angry. Those in relationships may also worry about how their partners view their penis.
  • Social media: Teasing may also originate from social media when the teenagers read about remarks of uncircumcised penises on Facebook and other platforms. As a result, they will want to go through the procedure and restore lost confidence.
  • Appearance preferences: Like adults, teenagers may also opt to be circumcised to achieve specific goals if they are not satisfied with the appearance of their penises.
  • Risks of infection: Research proves that circumcision reduces the risks of contracting HIV, sexually transmitted infections, and urinary tract infections.
  • Medical conditions: Circumcision is mandatory if one develops phimosis. This is a condition where the penis fails to properly retract because of the foreskin.

Overall, there are many reasons why teenagers may willingly opt to go through circumcision. There are numerous benefits that come with circumcision. Research also proves that circumcised individuals are at a lower chance of developing penile cancer. The common belief that circumcision decreases sexual pressure is a myth. On the contrary, circumcised men experience higher levels of sexual satisfaction.

Is teen circumcision painful?

Today, doctors use local anesthesia when performing circumcision procedures. Therefore, anyone thinking of undergoing the procedure should be assured that the procedure will be virtually painless. The doctor will also offer pain-relieving medications to alleviate the discomfort that occurs after the operation. During this time, the only important thing is to observe the necessary precautions and avoid anything that could cause infection. An infection will increase the risks of complications.

How is teenager circumcision performed?

Doctors prefer using the hand technique rather than device procedure for teenagers. But first, the doctor will numb the entire area with local anesthesia. Using the hand technique minimizes the degree of scarring, which improves appearance. Healing takes about 2 to 2 weeks before they can completely resume regular activity.

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